About Us


Great ideas are born when friends gather over a meal. At such gatherings of friends, a conversation led to an idea of creating a company that would leave behind a legacy to be proud of. These friends searched for the right product and partner that would match the ideology, passion and enthusiasm and the came across the Woodland brand, which ticked all the boxes and so Woodland Africa was created.

The Woodland Family

Woodlands's parents company, Aero Group was founded in Quebec, Canada in the early 1950's and has been a well-known name in the outdoor footwear industry since then.

In the early 1990's The Group decided to launch some of its products in India. This is when the first hand-stitched leather shoe was introduced, which took the entire shoe market by storm and launched the brand "WOODLAND".

Even since the beginning, Woodland has successfully brought together the power of the human will and the rewards of discovery.

Woodland now extends the rewards of discovery of outdoor adventures to the Southern Africa region. A region synonymous with the outdoors and its diverse choices of terrain to explore.


Our Love for the Outdoors

We are passionate about our country and we are very proudly South African! We are passionate about the OUTDOORS and the adventures that can be had in the diverse plethora of terrains in Southern Africa. The adventures that can be had in our beautiful part of the world are only limited by our own imaginations and our gear!

Notice how we have named our products after tree... Ask yourself will Gordonia or will Rosewood go with me on an adventure today!

Adventure that defines Woodland

Over the years, the appetite for adventure sports has been on the rise. It is the spirit of adventure that defines Woodland. A spirit that is willing to stretch the levels of human endurance; a spirit that desires to reach the furthest frontiers; a spirit that craves to venture into the unknown.


Our Products

We create incredible products

Woodland offers an extensive line of footwear, focused on creating truly functional solutions for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. The increasing diversity of outdoor activity requires creative solutions that meet the quest for adventure. That's where Woodland's expertise comes into the picture. It combines activity focused designs and technologies advanced materials available, created in the most innovative and effective manner possible.

Our Stores

We have successfully taken Woodland to new places across Southern Africa.